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DC Inverter Air Plasma Cutting Machine

, HP100/160/250 (CNC/Manual Dual Purpose)

CNC DC Inverter Air Plasma Cutting Machine / Manual Dual Purpose DC Inverter Air Plasma Cutting Machine / Air Plasma Cutting Machine

Advanced Technology
Using an advanced full-bridge, soft switch inverter technology and a large capacity IGBT, the DC inverter air plasma cutting machine is more stable and efficient.
PWM technique
The inverter frequency can reach 20 kHz.
Rapid cutting speed
Smooth cutting kerf without polishing
The cutting current can be preset when cutting materials of different thickness, which is ideal for cutting quality and energy efficiency.
The small air flow and high frequency arc transfer ignition result in perfect arc ignition.

Overcurrent, overheating, arc start-gas tight protection function

Suitable Cutting Materials
Carbon steel, alloy, non-ferrous and other metal materials

Application fields
Machinery industry, petroleum industry, ship building, vehicle construction, electric construction and decoration

Technical Specifications
Model HP100 HP160 HP250
Rated input power 3-Phase 220V/380V/415V/440V, 50/60Hz
Rated input capacity (kVA) 13 26 45
Rated input current (A) 20 40 68
Rated output current (A) 30-100 30-160 65-250
Rated output voltage (V) 92-120 92-144 106-155
Open circuit voltage (V) 320 325 354
Rated duty cycle (%) Room temperature 40℃ 100
Best cutting thickness (mild steel) (mm) ≤12 ≤16 ≤20
Max cutting thickness (mild steel) (mm) 35 40 50
Air pressure(Mpa) 0.4-0.6
Power cooling mode Air cooling
Cutting torch cooling mode Air cooling Water cooling Water cooling
Cooling water tank(L) No 25L 25L
Protection grade IP21S
Insulation class F
Power factor 0.83 0.83 0.83
Efficiency (%) 80 80 80
Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 690×335×670 700×350×660 805×416×935
Weight (kg) 55 60 122

*For HP160/200/250, there is a choice of compact (integrated) model.

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