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DC Inverter Gas Shielded Metal Arc Welding Machine

, HC350D/500D (compact/separate)

Compact DC Inverter Gas Shielded Metal Arc Welding Machine / Separate DC Inverter Gas Shielded Metal Arc Welding Machine / HC Series DC Inverter Welding Machine

Robust and durable heavy duty structure: suitable for industrial use
Soft-switch technology
CO2/MAG, MMA and simple TIG welding functions

Suitable welding material:
Mild steel, low alloy steel and etc.
Mixed gas or flux-cored wire can be used to weld stainless steel.
Application fields:
Automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, container, doors and windows, metal structure and machinery manufacturing .

Technical Specifications
Model HC350D HC500D HC650D
Rated input power 3-Phase 220V/380V/415V/440V, 50/60Hz
Rated input capacity (kVA) 16.5 23.7 37
Rated input current (A) 25 36 56
Rated output current (A) MIG/MAG:80-350 MIG/MAG:100-500 MIG/MAG:100-650
MMA:30-350 MMA:50-500 MMA:50-650
Rated output voltage (V) MIG/MAG:18-32 MIG/MAG:19-39 MIG/MAG:19-44
MMA:22-34 MMA:22-40 MMA:22-44
Arc current adjusting range (A) 80-350 100-500 100-650
Arc voltage adjusting range (V) 18-32 19-39 19-44
Open circuit voltage (V) 54 64 64
Rated duty cycle (%) 60
Welding wire diameter (mm) 1.0/1.2 1.2/1.6 1.2/1.6
Welding wire type Solid and flux-cored welding wire
Protection grade IP21S
Insulation class F
Power factor 0.83 0.83 0.83
Efficiency (%) 80 80 80
Dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 640×335×670 690×335×670 695*360*820
Weight (kg) 47 52 66

*For HC500D, there is a choice of compact (integrated) model.

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