SAW (Submerged Arc Welder) Welding Tractor

Submerged Arc Welding Equipment /Submerged Arc Welding Machine / SCR Controlled DC Submerged Arc Welding Machine

Welding tractor for the HS series DC IGBT inverter submerged arc welding machine
Welding tractor for the MZ series SCR controlled DC submerged arc welding machine

Technical Specifications
Power source Welding wire diameter (mm) Wire feeding speed Welding speed Torch vertical moving range Torch rotation angle Welding wire weight Flux weight Tractor weight
MZ1000 φ 3-5 0.3-3m/min 0.2-1.5m/min 100mm 90 ° 25kg 6L 56kg
MZ1250 φ 4-6
HS630 φ 1.6-2.4 0.3-6m/min
HS1000 φ 3-5 0.3-3m/min
HS1250 φ 4-6

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