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Mini Gantry Style CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting Machine

, HCZ Series

Gantry Style CNC Cutting Machine / CNC Flame Cutting Machine / CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

The mini gantry style CNC flame/plasma cutting machine features a horizontal rail gauge with an optional vertical track.
The CNC flame cutting machine has a large cutting rage.
The bilateral motor and drive results in a high cutting precision and reliable operation.
The CNC plasma machine uses a domestic CNC system that is easy to operate.
The steel structure covers a small area, making it easy to maintain and/or remove.
The new and practical design results in a highly economical performance.
The vertical track is optional, with a large cutting range.

Technical Specifications
Model HCZ1600×3000 HCZ1600×6000 HC2200×3000 HC2200×6000 HC2600×3000 HC2600×6000
Drive mode Double drive with stepped motor
Effective cutting width (mm) 1600 1600 2200 2200 2600 2600
Effective cutting length (mm) 3000 6000 3000 6000 3000 6000
Cutting type Flame or Plasma (Flame cutting with automatic ignition device)
Flame cutting thickness(mm) 6-80
Cutting speed(mm/min) 0-3000
Plasma piercing thickness (mm) ≤20mm ( match with ≤160A plasma power source )
Rated input power 220V/50Hz
Rated input capacity(W) 600
Flame cutting torch lifting type Electric lifting, lifting height ≤120mm
Plasma cutting torch lifting type Arc-voltage height sensor

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