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Scaffolding Pole Welding Machine

Scaffolding Welding Machine / Steel Structure Welding Machine / Automated Welding Machine

The scaffolding standard welding machine is suitable for 4-6 sheet type pole welding.
The steel structure, use of rectangular pipe welding methods, and stable structure, combined with the middle spot for cleaning welding spatter makes the welding machine more efficient.
The wire feeding, power integration control, and power control are placed on the working rack and split into 2 levels to save space. The scaffolding welding machine also comes equipped with dust resistant equipment.
The use of an electric brush conducts electricity in order to protect the bearing and other rotating parts. There is extra protection added for the lifting of the welding torch.

Project content
The automated welding of the circular seams of scaffolding poles and fastener assembly, 6 fasteners, and 12 welding machines all operate simultaneously for a high quality welding of the entire work piece to meet all customer standards.

Technical Specifications
Name Notes
Equipment major machinery HJSJ-6F
1 High strength steel structure machine tool bed
2 Machine tool bed head box Includes pneumatic 3 jaws, electricity generator, decelerator
3 Fixed tail stock
4 Welding torch lifting system Vertical and lateral adjustment
5 Conductive brush system Contact conduction, protect running structure
6 Tray clamping system Pole tray, pneumatic clamp
7 Protection system Pneumatic protection door
Gas circuit system Air compressor not included
1 Standard cylinder Include damp
2 Electromagnetic directional valve
3 Pneumatic parts Gas pipe, connector, F.R.L unit and etc.
Electrical controlling system
1 Electrical cabinet Combined electric and gas circuits
2 Relay logic circuit
3 Programmable controller (PLC)
4 Variable frequency drive (VFD)
5 Electric accessories Wire, holder, instrument, button, indicator and etc.
Welding power
1 Welding power HC-350D inverter CO2 gas shield welding machine
2 Wire feeding system Wire feeder
3 Welding torch
4 Gas flowmeter
Anti-dust system Opt for direct anti-dust method

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