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Pipes and tubes are a necessary part of any society's infrastructure, and must be made according to strict standards. That means high quality welding and cutting equipment is a requirement for any pipe production facility, making Wuxi Hanshen Electric Joint Stock Co., Ltd. a main player in the welding industry. Founded in 1997, we are a high tech enterprise that combines R&D, manufacturing sales and service of outstanding welding and cutting equipment. Our extensive product catalogue covers industrial welding machines, economical welding machines, DSP multi-functional pulsed welding machines, CNC cutting machines, intersecting line cutting machines, laser welding and cutting equipment, robotic welding equipment, automatic welding center auxiliary equipment, grinding and dust removal equipment, and an extensive array of welding accessories. Through our registered brand Hanshen (which is also considered a famous brand of the Jiangsu Province), we have earned a registered capital of 46.5 million RMB and occupy a vast production space of 41,988 square meters.

Our dedication to quality is proven in our ISO9001:2008 quality management system accreditation, EN15085 certification, and CCC certification on each product. All exported products have also obtained CE certification, and as a whole, we are a AAA rated company. With our premium quality and outstanding services, we have worked with companies among the top 500 worldwide and other well-known domestic enterprises. To date, we are a primary supplier to National Nuclear Energy, as well as a supplier of National Train lines (CRRC). Providing domestic sales and after-sales service to more than 200 cities in China, we have worked on projects involving the Beijing Olympic Stadium (the Bird's Nest), Shanghai Expo Hall, Shenzhen Stadium, and a variety of other large projects. Our products are exported all over the world, to the United States, Russia, India, Italy, Australia, Thailand, and more than 30 other countries.

Welding & Cutting machine
1. Inverter Stick Metal Arc Welding Machine
2. Inverter Gas metal Arc Welding Machine
3. DC Inverter Pulsed Argon Arc Welding Machine
4. Inverter Digital AC/DC TIG Pulsed Welding Machine
5. Inverter Air Plasma Cutting Machine
6. Inverter submerged Arc welding machine
7. DSP Multi-functional Pulsed Welding machine

CNC Cutting and automated tailor-made welding machine series
1. CNC Cutting Machine.
2. Scaffold-poling Welding Machine
3. Robotic Welding Machine: Match with MP series
4. Laser Welding & Cutting Equipment

Company culture
Goal: To be ranked in the top 5 of the welding industry in 2016.
Mission: To keep providing premium welding and cutting equipment and services for the welding industry.
Vision: To allow Hanshen to be a Chinese representative with the ability to compete at a global scale, as well as value our customers, colleagues, shareholders and to appreciate our corporate social responsivities.

Wuxi Hanshen Electric Joint-Stock Co.,Ltd.

Contact Person: Mrs Alice
Postcode: 214193
Fax: +86-510-85470109
Mobile: +86-13812538595
Whatsapp/Wechat: +86-13812538595
Skype: alicewei12
QQ: 1063912184
Facebook: alicewei12@163.com
Twitter: @HanshenElectric
E-mail: waimao@hanshen.com.cn

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