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Developing History

1. Xishan Fenghua welding equipment factory was founded, specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of inverter welding equipment.
2. The development and production of the first inverter DC pulsed tungsten argon arc welding machine (TIG 125) was completed and sent to the customer.
3. The WSM series inverter DC pulse argon welding machine was developed and featured a small batch production ability.

1. Xishan Fenghua Welding Equipment Company was founded and listed as one of China's top 50 enterprises in the welding industry.
2. ISO9000 quality assurance system certification was achieved, as was the China Commission for conformity to Certification of Electrical equipment.

1. The CCC certification process was begun, which ensured the quality standards of the factory matched international standards.
2. The company moved to a new factory location with a land area of more than 6,000 square meters, and a constructon area of more than 5,000 square meters.
3. The company was ranked as number 14 among welding industry companies in China.

1. In preparation of launching Wuxi Hanshen Electric Co., Ltd., (a Chinese and South Korean joint venture), $6 million was registered in capital, with a total land area of 60,000 square meters.
2. The NBC-400 inverter CO2 gas metal semi-auto welding machine was classified as a high tech product in the Jiangsu Province.
3. The FKR-500 thyristor CO2 gas metal welding machine was evaluated and determined to be a premium quality product in Shanghai.
4. We were evaluated as an economically advanced enterprise by the local government.
5. The company was ranked number 19 among welding industry enterprises in China.

1. We were awarded the “Hope in the Chinese Welding Industry” award by the China Welding Exposition.
2. The company was elected as a governing unit of the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association.
3. We moved to a new factory in Furong Yilu, Xishan Development Zone
4. We celebrated our 8th anniversary.
5. 2005 was known as the year of science, technology and globalization for us.

1. We were named as an innovative enterprise of the Jiangsu Province.
2. We were rated as a AAA grade credit enterprise by the CWA.
3. We also became a member of the college students' practice units.
4. We obtained 7 provincial high tech products.
5. The company was awarded the advanced enterprise prize at the trade union of Xishan District.
6. The laser –MIG/MAG welding equipment was awarded an excellent new product award of the Jiangsu Province.
7. This was the year of informative construction.

1. We were named as a highly credible enterprise of the Shanghai welding industry.
2. We obtained one National Innovation Funding project.
3. The successful development of a laser welding and laser cutting androbotic project.
4. Our annual slogan was developed regarding basic management. 2011 became known as the year of change, improvements, advancements and accelerations. We changed the working attitude, improved the communication style and product quality, enhanced customer services and increased the speed of launching new products.

1. We were awarded the silver trophy for multi-functional intelligent small robots at the 5th China International Sensor Network Exhibition.
2. We passed re-evaluation of high tech enterprises in the Jiangsu Province.
3. We were recognized as a famous brand in the Jiangsu Province.
4. We received a certification for a donation to charity in the Xishan District.
5. We became the Vice President of Science and Technology.
6. EN 15085 certification was awarded.
7. A PhD joined our postdoctoral workstation in June.
8. We passed the re-evaluation standards for a famous trademark in the Jiangsu Province.

1. We were awarded the title of being a top ten company in the welding industry.
2. We were rated as a grade A enterprise for credibility.
3. We were named as the deputy directorial unit of the China Welding Exposition Committee.
4. We were also named as the Vice Director unit of the welding equipment branch of the China Welding Association.
5. The large scale pulse laser arc welding composite heat source intelligent equipment was identified as the first set of major equipment and key components in the Jiangsu Province.

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