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Product Service

Quality Warranty Time: 365 days + sea freight time + 5 workdays (for customs clearance)

Within the warranty period, we offer the following (if the damage is not caused by product misuse)
1. Free replacement parts or a free same model machine if the damaged machine can't be repaired. The free parts or free machine will be provided to the buyer with the next shipment.
2. The buyer should provide us with the machine series number, broken parts or machine photographs as well as a description of the problem. After confirmation of the damage, replacement parts or machines will be provided.

To help our clients get a better understanding of our products, Hanshen is committed to providing professional service and guides to our customers all over the world. Pre-sales, during sales, and after sales training is structured throughout the entire customer service system of our marketing center. We will offer comprehensive solutions based on individual client needs.

Service Process
1. Receive a call or letter from the client
2. The initial inquiry is forwards to relevant specialists
3. Time, company name and problems are recorded
4. All major quality problems are replied to within 24 hours.
5. A solution is provided.
6. Case follow up
7. CMO review and approval of service feedback
8. Apply for on-line technical support
9. Document results

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